Types of Industrial Heaters

Heaters are used in a broad array of various applications in many industrial settings. These industries include oil, gas, food, plastics, and the chemical industry which all adopt the use of industry heaters to assist with assorted processes.

There are five common types of industrial heaters used and they are namely circulation heaters, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, pipe heaters and duct heaters.


Circulation Heaters

600kw Oxygen Heater Bundle

Circulation heaters are an example of the types of industrial immersion heaters. Another name for them is “in-line” heaters and they usually come in a broad range of contrasting watt densities.They are usually used to heat liquid substances like water and oil and can be mounted in diverse ways either vertically or horizontally depending on the exact application. Different densities will be designed according to the types of liquid used for heating while the unique viscosity and flow rates establish the specific class of circulation heaters being applied. To facilitate easy and quick maintenance when needed, drain valves can be installed for the oil and water used in the heater to be released through the valve.


Cartridge Heaters

Industrial Cartridge Heaters


Another example of industrial heaters are cartridge heaters. Unlike circulation heaters, cartridge heaters are designed specifically to heat up solids through immense temperatures within either a cavity or a mold. Lead wire connections are used to assist in transferring the heat while varying connections can be applied according to how high the temperature is needed. Cartridge heaters are typically used for hydraulic oil or motor oil applications, water based applications, gearboxes and bag sealing. Equipment in the laboratory and food industry also operate cartridge heaters from time to time.


Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heater Bundle


For abounding industries which require the heating of liquids in large containers, tanks and vats, immersion heaters are used. Immersion heaters allow liquids to be heated at a high speed which reduces the time taken for them to reach the desired temperature. They do this by adopting a direct heat transfer method to heat liquids. The advantages of immersion heaters are that they can be used for diverse properties of liquids and generally involve little maintenance. Some of the prevalent types of immersion heaters include screw plug heaters, over the side heaters, circulation heaters and flange heaters. While they mostly used fuel as the source of power in the past, immersion heaters today have evolved to run using electricity due to rising fuel costs and the goal of being more environmentally-friendly.


Pipe Heaters

Industrial Pipe Heaters


As their name suggest, pipe heaters are designed to fit inside industrial pipes of 2″ or 3″ sizes and generate heat. They work in a unique way unlike the direct heat of immersion heaters, pipe heaters transmit the heat indirectly through the heating of the interior of the pipe, then the heated pipe is used to heat the liquid. Pipe heaters are suited for applications that demand low heat like tar, waxes, molasses or with further corrosive materials for example. Since pipe heaters do not heat the liquid directly and that the containers carrying liquid need not be emptied when the heaters are changed, they require much less maintenance.


Duct Heaters

Industrial Duct Heaters


Duct heaters are usually used for either process heating applications or airflow ventilation. Open coil, tubular and finned tubular are three basic types of duct heaters. Air heating is commonly used in many environmental situations and thus it is crucial for duct heaters to be durable and reliable. Since duct heaters are generally available in many ranges of voltages, there can constantly be enough heat and circulation to continue the process of heating the air.



Although industrial heaters are barely a new concept, they are still widely used in many industries even till today. While looking for an industrial heater,¬†efficiency, affordability and effectiveness are the most critical factors to consider. Thus, it is important to find a reliable supplier that can consistently meet your industrial heating requirements. As Singapore’s leading industrial heater suppliers, J&S Electric Services Pte Ltd is the perfect choice for you. Click here to see the products we offer, thank you!

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